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Carbon Calculate Your Business

Climate Change

Some of our local businesses could be significantly affected by changes in climate. In addition the need to reduce carbon pollution will impact on businesses. By staying up-to-date with legislation, research and news, businesses can make informed decisions, take advantage of opportunities and play a role in minimising the severity of climate change and adapting to it.

Carbon Calculator for your Business

Climate change will have financial impacts for businesses. Price rises are expected due to businesses absorbing costs from suppliers and production as they comply with upcoming legislation. Analysts anticipate a 'trickle effect' with the majority of businesses impacted by the scheme from the second half of 2011. Calculate your carbon emissions and find out how your business can prepare for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS). 

You can enter data such as fuel or electricity used to obtain an indication of whether your corporation may trigger corporate and facility level greenhouse gas emissions and energy use thresholds for reporting set out in the NGER Act. You should first assess whether your corporation has operational control over any facilities. If it does, you can estimate emissions from those facilities by collating data on any energy consumption or emissions sources at a facility.

Follow the easy steps through the application to receive an estimate of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use based on data entered.

Get informed

Learn about the impacts of climate change - the more you know the better your business can prepare.

The Australian Government  and NSW Government  provide information on the latest research and analysis of the impacts of climate change for localities; there are also NSW and industry specific impact studies that can help inform your long-term planning.

Learn how your business can take action:

The Federal Government’s Climate Change Department and  NSW Government’s Sustainable Business advertise news, seminars and consultations for businesses. There are also useful guides such as the NSW Business Guide to the Low Carbon Economy , which provides practical steps for businesses to get on top of measuring and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Assessment, Accreditation and Reporting

Where possible external accreditation has been achieved to verify the sustainability of business practices.

DECCW sustainability compact  with industry sectors aim to move beyond traditional regulation and education to integrate environmental sustainability into daily business operations.  There is help available for business to reduce energy usage and make the shift to a low carbon economy.  Energy efficiency programs for business include the Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program  and Sustainability Advantage Energy Saver.

Find out how to manage the potential environmental concerns in your industry or small business sector and improve environmental performance through these industry specific materials

Information on environmental legislation and compliance for business.

Storing and handling liquids  manual for trainers including presentation, training plan, practical activities and a sample action plan.

Partner with Others 

You may be able to find solutions by partnering with other businesses or governmental or non-governmental organisations. For example, your business’s waste might be a resource for another local business.  

Form a Sustainability Committee

Sustainability committees ensure that employee's can be involved in sustainability matters. The purpose of a sustainability committee is to provide a forum for management and employees together to identify sustainability issues, and to develop and monitor sustainability systems and procedures.

This is becoming the norm for businesses just as Occupational Health and Safety committees have become the norm. The best action to form a committee is to enlist those individuals that are passionate about the cause to drive initiatives. 

Forming a sustainability committee in the workplace will promote creative ideas and feedback to integrate future sustainable programs in the workplace and ownership of the I Sustain practices.